How to put in Gasoline Flow Transducer 201B in Aircraft?

This issue arrives up normally sufficient so we chose to produce on how very best to put in the gasoline movement transducer product 201B produced by J.P. Devices within an aircraft.

Orientation in the 201B gas move transducer:

To start off and assuming you've got taken off the prevailing fuel movement transducer, delay The brand new 201B gasoline flow transducer within a horizontal posture Using the 3 wires up – mainly because this is strictly how it is always to be equipped. Fitting the fuel circulation transducer any other way will result in its failure. Once the gas circulation transducer is while in the horizontal situation, the rotor within just it are right oriented and aligned with gasoline move. This is how it is meant to operate. Also, while fitting it, be sure that there is no bend closer than 6 inches possibly in the inlet or outlet pipe i.e. no bends ahead of or once the transducer. Also, do not use aluminium or brass fittings when installing the 201B gasoline move transducer – use only AN816-seven Metal. The transducer is engineered to seal limited so never use Teflon tape, or other thread sealant compound of any form. Also, the transducer is marked Out and in with the gasoline strains – so ensure that you connect it effectively or perhaps the rotor will malfunction. The utmost torque mustn't exceed fifteen ft lb (one hundred eighty lbs.) or around, two whole otpusavanje kanalizacije turns past hand restricted.

Set up locale:

In case your aircraft incorporates a carburettor, the gas move transducer ought to ideally be at precisely the same top given that the carburettor. Whether it is larger, healthy an anti-siphon loop in the line that peaks increased than the transducer. Should your aircraft sports a gasoline injected motor, fit the fuel movement transducer between the motor gasoline pump plus the servo regulator. When your aircraft has that special vapor return line, install the gasoline move transducer involving the servo regulator along with the circulation divider (spider).
We've noticed plane with Plane Circulation Sensors mounted among the electric boost pump as well as mechanical pump – this is simply not advisable. Also, you should never otpusavanje kanalizacije hard mount the transducer to the engine as motor vibration can destruction The inner rotor or cause it to malfunction and give otpusavanje kanalizacije deceptive results. When installing the 201B fuel stream transducer, the wires are to be connected to the EDM. The gas move transducer gets its electrical power offer (12V) straight from the EDM. Also, the wires should not be route as well as or adjacent to ignition wires, alternator wires, spark plug leads, or cabin heater ignition wires.

When completed, set the K-aspect. The Gasoline Stream Transducer 201B can have a K-element of ~29.


It might be worthwhile to also procure a Gasoline Circulation Tester (just $35.00) for testing instrument and transducer.

Fault getting:

Some pilots named in to report constantly high Plane Gas Flow indicator readings. Should you have followed above set up treatment properly, look for air getting into system at selector valve (may perhaps demand a change with the O-ring). Here is a test: The subsequent time the aircraft is flown in cruise, activate the Enhance pump for one moment. When the gasoline circulation drops, then this is an indication that air is leaking into your gas line upstream from the transducer. It can be done that air is leaking in to the system from the seal valve or other connection. Gasoline stain might not be visible.

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